KennedyPatrick.jpgRep. Patrick Kennedy, co-sponsor of insurance parity, has been ahead of the pack calling for the inclusion of mental illnesses in health reform. In today's Huffington Post, Kennedy writes the House version of health reform "mandates that mental health and substance use disorder benefits be included in the essential benefits package of all qualified health plans." He sponsored an amendment "to ensure that screening for mental health and substance-use disorders are covered as a preventative service under this bill." Earlier this year Kennedy introduced a bill for patient's bill of rights.

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MSgt Joe:

Mental health diagnoses have no scientific standing, and are non-medical. There are over 330 "diagnoses of the DSM IV" and none of them can be confirmed, or denied by any blood, or lab test. The reliability coefficient in blind studies between one psychiatrist, and another is no more than, at the 51st percentile.

There is significant evidence of patient abuse, by staffmembers, in mental health facilities. (Please see the 1999 General Accounting Report on patient abuse by staff in mental health facilities.) The recovery rate to pre morbid condition for patients is horrible.

Stigma is caused by the demeaning terminology used within the American mental health system. Marriages, careers, respect are jeopardized by any involvment with mental health treatment. The evidence is overwhelming.

Psychologists like to make-believe that they are doctors, but of course they are not. "Psychology" is an academic study, but it is not a clinical entity.

Posted by MSgt Joe | July 31, 2009 4:57 PM
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