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Berwick to leave
. . .and his work just started []
Implmenting the Affordable Care Act -- FAQs
affordable care act FAQs.jpg The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services updated the Frequently Asked Questions. []
Urgent global mental health needs
global health.jpgInsufficient resources for global mental health impedes economic development and shortens life expectancy. The link between mental health and other non-communicable diseases has led stakeholders to speak out about rededicating energy to making this a central priority in global health. []
Work force shortage for mental health staff in low and middle income countries is 362,000.
Click here for The Lancet's Global Mental Health podcast about the global crisis in providing evidence-based services respectful of human rights, especially in low and middle income countries. Disparities The interview corresponds to the opening of the World Federation of Mental Health conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Oct. 17-21.... []
Time between drug use and treatment entry averages 15.6 years.
Read more about a new report from SAMHSA. The study, based on 669,000 adults, found gender differences as well as those for alcohol use (longest), prescription pain medications (shortest). ... []
Thank you, Steve Jobs
. . .for enlarging my brother's world []
Reaction to New York Post's ugly headline
This letter, written by Harvey Rosenthal, responded to an ugly headline in the New York Post. The article discussed New York's attempts to enhance community programs, improve hospital discharge planning, and make the lives of all New Yorkers better. The headline, "Cost Of Kooks & Junkies," brought this response from Harvey Rosenthal, NYAPRS. To the Editor, The quality of the Post's coverage has sunk to an outrageously low level in a headline editor's choice of 'Cost of Kooks and Junkies'... []
Fraud deprives people with disabilities
. . . while pockets of others bulge []
Pharma spends twice as much on advertising as it does on R and D.
Doctors Matthew Erlich and Lloyd Sederer write about the relationship between risk and marketing of psychiatric drugs in an article in the Huffington Post, With Mental Health Drugs, Greater Risk Means More Marketing... []
Certified Peer Specialists celebrated in Georgia
Activist consumers celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Georgia Mental Health Consumers Network (GMHCN) with announcements of an expansion in training programs for peer services, housing initiatives, and plans for ending segregation in transportation services. []
GOP Govs Point To Medicaid Flexibility As Means To Reduce Spending
Kaiser Health News.jpg Cuts to Medicaid are among the GOP's strategies for bringing their state budgets under control, according to a report issued by the Republican Governor's Association. But at what cost for the nation, as cuts fall on the backs of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, and for whom the federal program has become a lifeline to treatment, rehab and recovery? Kaiser Health News has summarized coverage of this story. []
Maurice Rapport, 1919-2011, discovered serotonin
At the time Serotonin was discovered in 1948, Freudian theories guided explanations for behavior. Maurice Rapport's discovery of serotonin revolutionized the understanding of chemical neurotransmitters with vast consequences for all of medicine, most importantly for psychiatry. Rapport died in North Carolina last week, one month shy of 92. []
SSI Program For ADHD, Other Disabled Kids Under Scrutiny
Kaiser Health News.jpgChildren with mental health problems, who are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), are at risk for the loss of these benefits. Kaiser Health News explains how access to these services which often provide turn-around opportunities, are threatened by backlash owing to reports of abuse in the system. []
The language of illness
. . .physical and mental []
A conversation about New York's solitary confinement law; podcast with Jennifer Parish, Urban Justice Center
... []
Dubious value of SGAs as add-ons for PTSD
soldier ptsd story.jpgThe recent spike in treating soldiers with PTSD relied mostly on off-label with second generation antipsychotics. A study in JAMA showed that when compared to a placebo, the drug being study, Risperidone, had little effect, raising the question of whether the substantial side effects justified any benefit. []
in-patient admits nearly doubled for youth
A study in the current issue (August, 2011) of Archives of General Psychiatry indicates that the use of inpatient hospitalization increased nearly 100% for youth between 1996 and 2007. The study was based on hospital discharge data. ... []
Health Industry Could Feel Pinch, Then Pain From Default
Kaiser Health News.jpg Unprecedented default would sorely affect people who depend on Medicaid or Medicare as a result of a disability or while in recovery from a mental illness. This article from Kaiser Health News explains some of the implications for states, hospitals, nursing homes, and individuals who depend on the reliability of government payments to avert disaster. []
Budget passions, decisions delayed
The stalemate continues and a sample of tweets and clips show the frustration of voters. []
S.1356 - Affordable Medicines Utilization Act of 2011
A bi-partisan proposal to reduce Medicaid costs by substituting generic drugs for patented drugs Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Scott Brown (R-Mass.), and John McCain (R-Az) on July 13. The bill is now in the Senate Finance Committee. Sen. Wyden estimates the initial savings amounts to $300 million, and the bill includes measures for sharing costs with states. The pharmaceutical industry supports the bill and cites a pollconducted at the end of 2010 indicting that voters would prefer to reduce costs... []
Solitary confinement reformed in New York
MHASC.jpgReform of solitary confinement for mentally ill prisoners took place in New York this month. A milestone for the state -- the first in the nation to lead with law and not follow the courts -- it also falls short of the goal to end a practice that in some parts of the world is called torture. "Solitary confinement reformed in New York" is accompanied by an exclusive podcast, and interview with one of the activists. []
Alternatives Conference, October 26-30, Orlando, Fla
This is the 25th anniversary of the Alternatives Conference. For more information, including registration, sessions, and exhibitors, click here.... []
Integrated Innovations for Global Mental Health: Letters of Inquiry Due (Oct. 4)
In an attempt to created new solutions and an integrated system of mental health globally, Grand Challenges of Canada is funding projects. Letters of inquiry are due Oct. 4 The application explains: To improve treatments and expand access to care, applicants must propose innovative solutions to one (or more) of the following specific challenges identified from the Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health initiative within this priority area: Integrate screening and core packages of services into routine primary health care;... []
Sept. 21: Washington, DC Rally: My Medicaid Matters
NYAPRS Conference: Bringing Recovery Home for All, Sept 14-16, Hudson Valley, NY
The 29th annual conference of the consumer-run organization, NYAPRS, bringing together national experts to talk about recovery programs. Sponsors say, "this year's program will be preceded by a September 13 one day peer conference at the Hudson Valley Resort, "New Perspectives on Peer Services: Principles, Programs and Policy", sponsored by The Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier (MHAST) in association with the Mental Health Empowerment Project and NYAPRS. Program and meals will be free thanks to support from SAMHSA... []

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