Urgent global mental health needs
global health.jpgInsufficient resources for global mental health impedes economic development and shortens life expectancy. The link between mental health and other non-communicable diseases has led stakeholders to speak out about rededicating energy to making this a central priority in global health. []
The language of illness
. . .physical and mental []
9-11 Healing and Remembrance: mental health resources
Dear MIWatch readers, The Mental Health Association of NYC (MHA-NYC) and its partners have launched a unique mental health program to assist the 9-11 affected community as they travel and participate in the 10th anniversary commemorative activities. Little is known about the mental health needs of victims ten years after a large scale traumatic event. The Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime have provided a grant that allows for mental health supports for those affected by 9-11 in... []
Berwick keynotes National Council meetings
Donald Berwick keynotes San Diego's meeting of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare. Watch the on video presentation, including questions and answers from the audience. []
An attitude of gratitude
. . .promotes mental health []
Going AWOL to get help "a walk of courage," writes Lorre Leon Mendelson
The following comment comes from a reader who refers to a story about a soldier named Jeff Hanks who was deployed in Afghanistan and now faces disciplinary action. It appeared in the Tennessean on Veterans Day. "It was the desperate act of a father/husband/soldier: going awol to obtain mental health assistance: not borne of fear but a walk in courage. Millions are diagnosed with anxiety disorders, one of which is PTSD. Many of us try to "pass" as someone without... []
Deportation fears grip Georgia's children
...a mental health crisis in the making []
Fighting for last place: Florida, Texas, New Mexico
Recognition that there's a dearth of spending for mental health is entering politics this year as candidates on the Right and the Left begin to ask why state budgets are spending more on prisons than treatments. . . []
Oil spill czar minimizes mental health impact
. . .trivializes anguish []
As economy takes toll, mental health budgets shrink
Writing in Stateline.org, staff writer Christine Vestal assesses how states have met mental health budgets and what this means for people needing psychiatric services in today's fiscal crisis. "The drop-off is translating into a reduction in the number of psychiatric hospital beds, as well as fewer services for mental health emegencies and longer waiting lists for housing," says Vestal. . . []
More children in Pennsylvania had access to mental health care than in any other state.
Click here to find your state. The average nationwide was 60 percent, with a low of 42 percent in Texas and a high of 82 percent in Pennsylvania. The 2007 statistics were compiled by the National Survey of Children's Health. ... []
Principled Leadership by Bill Anthony and Kevin Huckshorn
In a word, Bill Anthony and Kevin Huckshorn have put together, with the help of a myriad of interviews, the ideal text for future leaders of behavioral health programs and institutions, says Richard Van Horn in a review of "Principled Leadership." []
Depression screening during Mental Illness Awareness Week
Depression screening will be a center piece to Mental Illness Awareness Week. Follow-up reports to screening leads organizers to believe it led to treatment that might not have been pursued. The kickoff took place with a symposium on military mental health in Washington. Elsewhere. . . []
Mental health team in pediatric clinic
Making behavioral health a seamless part of the visit to a pediatrician is leading to early screening for emotional problems and access to easy follow-up. []
Thought parity was a done deal?
. . .Think again []
Preventing Indian youth suicide (S 1635)
Suicide rates among Native Americans range from 3 1/2 to 10 times greater (depending on the state) than for other youth in America, said Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND). The Indian Affairs Committee heard testimony on behalf of the "7th Generation Promise: Indian Youth Suicide Prevention Act of 2009 (S 1635)" discussing the epidemic of suicide pointing to the mental health needs of the Indian Health Service. Dr. Yvette Roubideaux explained services are inadequate and fragmented, stitching together a combination of... []
Global mental health
. . .urgent needs []
Military shifts ideas about mental health
The military is preparing soldiers to anticipate the mental health impact of combat and multiple deployments, writes Benedict Carey of the New York Times.. . . []
Death with dignity: the National Consumer Memorial
Egyptian royalty were buried with jewelry, combs, food, clothes, wigs, and perhaps a puppy. Mayan burials included food and jewels to ease the journey into the next world. Muslims wash and shroud the deceased, and Jewish law requires a tombstone with a name. Tens of thousands of patients who died at state psychiatric hospitals had only an iron stick to mark where they were buried. . . []
Justice Sonia Sotomayor
What can we expect from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor? "A bright future," says the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law. In a review of her qualifications prior to yesterday's confirmation, the Bazelon Center analyzed decisions about: reasonable accommodation, social security benefits, guardianship, and workplace discrimination. The report from Bazelon can be downloaded here.... []
Parity sets stage for reform, says Kennedy
Rep. Patrick Kennedy, co-sponsor of insurance parity, has been ahead of the pack calling for the inclusion of mental illnesses in health reform. . . []
Medical care for military women
Improvements in mental health treatment for women veterans were part of a bill (HR 1211) the House passed by unanimous vote, 408 to zero. Among the provisions are special training for mental health professionals to treat women for sexual abuse and PTSD, and a study of the barriers, including stigma, to seeking treatment. Reports indicate sexual harassment of military women has increased and is often unreported.... []
Mental health care needs reform and repair
"Behavioral health services are often the first place cuts in coverage are made," said Mental Health America's CEO, David Shern. . . []
In China, 8 percent of those with a mental illness ever sought help.
Read more about this study of China between 2001 and 2005 in The Lancet.... []
Integratating mental health and substance use in reform
To make sure that mental health and substance use disorders are incorporated in on-going health reform debates, the Whole Health Campaign provides policy briefs with recommendations. []

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