Measuring Recovery -- new tools and new directions
MHA Village, an integrated service program in Long Beach, Cal., created a tool to guide treatment services along a path of the recovery of clients. David Pilon and Mark Ragins explain how they use Measures of Recovery (MORS) to help clients attain self-defined goals on the way to recovery. []
Highlights of USPRA/2011
USPRA.jpgUSPRA's 36th annual conference brought people from 14 countries to Boston to learn about the evidence-based initiatives contributing to recovery programs. With an overcapacity interest, and 500 people eager to learn about programs for homeless vets, there was something for everyone. []
Mark Ragins receives USPRA's lifetime achievement award
Ragins.jpg Mark Ragins, a pioneer in community-based recovery services received USPRA's award for his lifetime achievements. Ragins is medical director the the MHA Village in Long Beach, Cal., which has become a model program with national and international visitors. []
USPRA kicks off Boston conference
USPRA_3_poster(1).jpgActivists gather in Boston for USPRA's 36th conference. []
Anatomy of an Epidemic, by Robert Whitaker
If psychiatric medications are doing the job, why are more disabled by a mental illness than 25 years ago? That is the disturbing question, says Dan Herman, that permeates Robert Whitaker's new book, Anatomy of an Epidemic. if our psychiatric treatments are truly effective, why aren't people with mental illness doing better? []
An attitude of gratitude
. . .promotes mental health []
Within our Reach, by Rosalynn Carter
Withinourreach.JPG Rosalynn Carter has been one of this generation's most consistently admired and respected advocates. The grace, compassion and wisdom that Dr. Lisa Dixon describes in her insightful review of Within Our Reach help us understand why. []
Georgia's consumers list their priorities
. . . and get action []
Two books on practicalities of recovery research
Paula Goring and Jijian Voronka, researchers in Canada's At Home project, review two books about the practicalities of recovery research. Read their review []
Taking recovery from ideal to actual (Part 1)
. . .creating the change []
Recovery, new health care law -- conference topics
Harvey Rosenthal, executive director of New York Association for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS) writes about an upcoming conference: "In our upcoming "6th Annual Executive Seminar on System Transformation," NYAPRS once again seeks to connect experts on the most promising trends supporting the advance of recovery. This includes discussions of wellness, community integration, self-determination, new federal health care law, and innovative service approaches. More than 50 speakers, who represent local, state and national leaders, will spend two days discussing these important... []
Death of Judi Chamberlin, consumer activist and author
Judi Chamberlin, a pioneer for consumer choice, died after a long illness in Boston, Mass. As a result of how she was treated for depression in the 1960s, with voluntary and involuntary hospitalizations, . . . []
Review of psycho-social interventions for schizophrenia
Delays in implementing recommended psycho-social services as an adjunct to medication can prolong disabilities associated with schizophrenia, write the authors of a study in the on-line Advance Access Schizophrenia Bulletin. In a comprehensive project (citing 233 references) []
Models beyond outpatient commitment
In the ten years since Kendra Webdale was pushed to her death by a man who was denied services for his mental illness, questions about what led to this tragedy have been widely discussed. Led by New York, more than 40 states now believe they have addressed this with laws mandating outpatient or involuntary commitment (AOT). But the issue is hardly resolved, as evidenced by the activists, services providers and psychiatrists who crowded the Columbia University law school law school to discuss what it means to "gain compliance in the community." []
Rose Hill defends rehab model, deflects critics
Last month a Michigan treatment program does what makes it proud: it helped a resident who had demonstrated a successful course of therapy return to the community where he was rebuilding his life. The problem was the local community, which dredged up the past. Read Gayle Flanigan's account of how stigma remains a barrier for some with a mental illness. []
Clubhouses spared in Mass.
In the last month, hundreds of advocates rallied, and state legislators appealed to the governor, to spare Mass. clubhouses from the budget ax. "Our demonstrators were heard," said a spokesperson . . . []
Principled Leadership by Bill Anthony and Kevin Huckshorn
In a word, Bill Anthony and Kevin Huckshorn have put together, with the help of a myriad of interviews, the ideal text for future leaders of behavioral health programs and institutions, says Richard Van Horn in a review of "Principled Leadership." []
Congratulations David Oaks
david-w-oaks.jpg David Oaks, founder of Mind Freedom International, was named one of Utne Reader's 50 visionaries changing the world. . . []
First psychotic breaks -- conference topic
Peter Stastny,* MD, writes about an upcoming conference (Nov 23): "Alternative responses to first psychotic breaks: Rethinking psychiatric crisis." After several years, there is a renewed focus on treatment for first psychotic episodes. An emphasis on early intervention and prevention of psychosis, with the goal of shortening the "duration of untreated psychosis" has obscured the view on the actual services that are being offered to individuals in the midst of a first episode. Recently, the National Institute of Mental Health... []
Homework for psychiatric recovery
Homework, known by students worldwide, is being used in Austraila as part of the toolbox for recovery. A letter to the editor in the October issue of Psychiatric Services describes how this works. . . []
Care I receive in Canada
by Lou Ross-Johns I have always lived in a separate room. I look in the window and the rest of the world is in some strange and mysterious party which I cannot understand or participate in, only watch through the window. This has always been with me and will ever be. I was a child who stayed on the edges of the playground, and who sat silently in her mind in the schoolroom. My experience with the health care system... []
Informative SAMHSA website
SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminisitration), part of the federal health services agency, has an expanded website. . . []
Medicaid spent $137 for a day of home health service compared to $1447 for one day in the hospital.
Read more from a report titled Olmstead. from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health ... []
New model in Oregon hospital
Oregon is turning its system of traditional hospitals, with patients in confined rooms or wards, into malls for recovery, encouraging . . . []
Stimulus money prompts schizophrenia research
A new study to assess how early treatment of schizophrenia affects the illness will be launched by NIMH with the help of stimulus money, according to a press release distributed yesterday. . . []

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