Urgent global mental health needs
global health.jpgInsufficient resources for global mental health impedes economic development and shortens life expectancy. The link between mental health and other non-communicable diseases has led stakeholders to speak out about rededicating energy to making this a central priority in global health. []
Thank you, Steve Jobs
. . .for enlarging my brother's world []
Anatomy of an Epidemic, by Robert Whitaker
If psychiatric medications are doing the job, why are more disabled by a mental illness than 25 years ago? That is the disturbing question, says Dan Herman, that permeates Robert Whitaker's new book, Anatomy of an Epidemic. if our psychiatric treatments are truly effective, why aren't people with mental illness doing better? []
In 2009, $23.25 billion was spent on drugs treating psychiatric disorders.
This figure comes from an AP report about new approved uses for Merck drug treating schizophrenia. Read more here.... []
Advocacy loses a pioneer: Gwill York Newman, 1932-2010
gwillnewman87x95.jpgAfter her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Gwill Newman became a fierce advocate as well as donor for research about the brain. . . []
New psychiatric drugs in pipeline
PhRMA has released a report of more than 300 drugs in the pipeline for psychiatric medications. Many are in the initial stages. Some, such as Johnson and Johnson's . . . []
Eve Oliphant, Cal. activist, died in Calif.
oliphant.jpegEve Oliphant, pioneer of family support and advocacy, died in northern Cal. two weeks shy of her 90th birthday. She had been ill with leukemia. Oliphant is a subject of the recently released PBS documentary. . . []
Schizophrenia and aspirin
Research from the Netherlands suggests aspirin might not just be for headaches anymore. PsychCentral reviewed an article published in the June issue of Journal of Clinical Psychiatry with promising findings. . . []
Exercise and schizophrenia
The role of exercise has long been thought to be significant for improving physical and mental health. Yet only a handful of studies have systematically studied this for people diagnosed with schizophrenia. In a review of the literature, The Cochrane Study Group. . . []
FDA says Pfizer study overdosed kids
Consistent overdosing of seven children in a clinical study conducted by Pfizer was described in a warning letter posted on the FDA's website. []
NARSAD seminars launched for 2010
For the next two months, local universities and medical centers will host seminars featuring research about mental illnesses to highlight "the latest breakthroughs in mental health research." The seminars are free, open to the public, and sponsored by NARSAD. Some will be carried live by webcast. []
Schizophrenia: Cognitive Theory, Research and Therapy, by Aaron T. Beck, Neil A. Rector, Neal Stolar, and Paul Grant
Thirty years of research and clinical know-how frame the techniques and theories of cognitive behavioral therapy. In a review of Schizophrenia: Cognitive Theory, Research and Therapy, Dr. Richard Evans explains how reading this book can be applied to treating people with schizophrenia. []
Move over Zyprexa, Seroquel, trial on Risperdal
Bloomberg News obtained company documents in a Louisiana trial seeking reimbursement of public funds paid to Johnson and Johnson for Risperdal. The drug was initially marketed to treat schizophrenia but its reach expanded. . . []
A trial, and an ad, featuring Seroquel
. . .evidence vs. spin []
Architecture of genetic risk for schizophrenia
Perhaps thousands of genetic variations contribute to schizophrenia, write authors of a new study about genetic architecture. Hope to find "the" gene or genes has given way to a more complicated picture. []
Review of psycho-social interventions for schizophrenia
Delays in implementing recommended psycho-social services as an adjunct to medication can prolong disabilities associated with schizophrenia, write the authors of a study in the on-line Advance Access Schizophrenia Bulletin. In a comprehensive project (citing 233 references) []
Psychosis and understanding risk
Understanding psychosis for risk, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders is not as straightforward as it was once thought to be. . . []
Stimulus money prompts schizophrenia research
A new study to assess how early treatment of schizophrenia affects the illness will be launched by NIMH with the help of stimulus money, according to a press release distributed yesterday. . . []
Safety of atypical antipsychotics
Atypical antipsychotic drugs are used widely beyond the original group of mental disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, for which they were initially approved. []
Underused drug may be the safest for schizophrenia
A drug used to treat schizophrenia, and with a history unlike any other, is associated with longer life compared to more commonly used antipsychotic medications. . . . []
Living Independently with schizophrenia
More Swedes with schizophrenia live independently than New Yorkers with nearly identical characteristics. . . []
Stigma starts early in childhood
Children believe if someone tries hard enough, he or she can overcome ADHD or depression, suggest authors. . . []
Schizophrenia's genetic puzzle
Research published in the current issue of Nature offers a clue to the genetic puzzle of schizophrenia. . . []
Four in ten people with schizophrenia say they have gotten no treatment in the previous 6 - 12 months.
Read more about this in Schizophrenia Bulletin... []
Cancer deaths high in schizophrenia
After suicide, cancer is the second leading cause of death for people with schizophrenia, noted French researchers. . . []

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