Work force shortage for mental health staff in low and middle income countries is 362,000.
Click here for The Lancet's Global Mental Health podcast about the global crisis in providing evidence-based services respectful of human rights, especially in low and middle income countries. Disparities The interview corresponds to the opening of the World Federation of Mental Health conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Oct. 17-21.... []
Mark Ragins receives USPRA's lifetime achievement award
Ragins.jpg Mark Ragins, a pioneer in community-based recovery services received USPRA's award for his lifetime achievements. Ragins is medical director the the MHA Village in Long Beach, Cal., which has become a model program with national and international visitors. []
Deep Medicaid cuts for mental health
Doctors, patients, nursing homes, the young, the elderly, and diabetics who already own one pair of shoes will take hits from Medicaid cuts. []
Oil spill czar minimizes mental health impact
. . .trivializes anguish []
Mental health faces cuts in Britrain's National Health Service
Britain's National Health Service faces financial pressures, perhaps a 4 to 5 percent cut, in funding mental health programs including psychotherapy. Political parties are at least campaigning on mental health services. . . []
International focus on psychiatry
Worldglobe(istock).jpgPsychiatric Services devotes the March issue to how the rest of the world grapples with treatment and consequences of mental illnesses. Topics span a broad range, from the public health response in Israel, where schools played "a significant role" for adolescents with an emotional or behavioral problem, to programs in Russia where people with mental illness are likely to be excluded from services. []
Early intervention for psychosis gaining attention
When compared to countries with national health care, the U.S. delays early intervention in first-episode psychotic disorders. Several articles in the November issue of Psychiatric Services discuss strategic differences in responses, as well as model programs for doing so. []
Cal. cuts endanger people with mental illness
calflag.jpg"There is not enough space in this newspaper to describe the many ways in which people with mental illness are treated as second-class citizens," writes Nathan Fairman, an ER doctor, . . . []
Half the nation's marriage and family therapists are in California.
Read more about the disproportionate distribution of services to meet need in the October issue of Psychiatric Services.... []
Homework for psychiatric recovery
Homework, known by students worldwide, is being used in Austraila as part of the toolbox for recovery. A letter to the editor in the October issue of Psychiatric Services describes how this works. . . []
Unions sue for mental health services in D.C.
flagat capitol(istock).jpg

In Washington, D.C., unions are suing the Department of Mental Health where budget, not quality concerns, have led to outsourcing mental health services despite insufficient staff to absorb the need. . . []

Preventing Indian youth suicide (S 1635)
Suicide rates among Native Americans range from 3 1/2 to 10 times greater (depending on the state) than for other youth in America, said Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND). The Indian Affairs Committee heard testimony on behalf of the "7th Generation Promise: Indian Youth Suicide Prevention Act of 2009 (S 1635)" discussing the epidemic of suicide pointing to the mental health needs of the Indian Health Service. Dr. Yvette Roubideaux explained services are inadequate and fragmented, stitching together a combination of... []
Court to New York: stop segregating mentally ill residents
. . .addressing wrongs []
Living Independently with schizophrenia
More Swedes with schizophrenia live independently than New Yorkers with nearly identical characteristics. . . []
Hotline working in Georgia
A statewide hotline in Georgia is linking patients to services. . . []
Schizophrenia under treated
People with schizophrenia suffer inconsistent services, deficient treatments, and a shortage of them. . . []
Costs of budget trimming
Advocates estimate that for every dollar eliminated from behavioral services in Ohio, another $11 is spent on jails, prisons, emergency visits, reports the Columbus Dispatch. At a meeting attended by educators, doctors, mental health advocates, and law enforcement officials, the director of the Cleveland Clinic's emergency department said "the number of patients with mental-health issues seen in the emergency room quadrupled between 2000 and 2003." said . The cuts were announced as part of Ohio's budget-plugging initiatives.... []

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