Time between drug use and treatment entry averages 15.6 years.
Read more about a new report from SAMHSA. The study, based on 669,000 adults, found gender differences as well as those for alcohol use (longest), prescription pain medications (shortest). ... []
USPRA kicks off Boston conference
USPRA_3_poster(1).jpgActivists gather in Boston for USPRA's 36th conference. []
New website promotes youth sharing information in Australia
The following note pertains to a new Australian project promoting sharing of information based on gender, age, diagnosis, treatment choices. To MIWatch, The Mental Health Literacy research team at Orygen Youth Health Research Centre (Centre for Youth Mental Health, The University of Melbourne) have developed a website- whatworks4u.org- where young people can jump on and share what treatments have worked for their mental health problems and learn what treatments have worked for others. We hope to increase awareness of treatment... []
Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry, by Daniel Carlat, MD
Unhinged.jpg Once a specialty rich with the interactions between client and doctor which used to comprise a 50-minute hour, to one that has become a 15-minute, billable med check, psychiatry has become "unhinged" in the words of author Dr. Daniel Carlat. In a review of Unhinged, psychiatrist Richard Evans asks how to reconcile the pendulum swing for a professional with "an extremely challenging mandate." []
Exercise and schizophrenia
The role of exercise has long been thought to be significant for improving physical and mental health. Yet only a handful of studies have systematically studied this for people diagnosed with schizophrenia. In a review of the literature, The Cochrane Study Group. . . []
Parity or not, insurance companies saying no
An article in the Boston Globe confirms that limits on mental health claims are beginning to be felt in Mass. The Group Insurance Commission has led the way, but a psychologist who spent hours arguing with United Behavioral Health. . . []
Schizophrenia: Cognitive Theory, Research and Therapy, by Aaron T. Beck, Neil A. Rector, Neal Stolar, and Paul Grant
Thirty years of research and clinical know-how frame the techniques and theories of cognitive behavioral therapy. In a review of Schizophrenia: Cognitive Theory, Research and Therapy, Dr. Richard Evans explains how reading this book can be applied to treating people with schizophrenia. []
International focus on psychiatry
Worldglobe(istock).jpgPsychiatric Services devotes the March issue to how the rest of the world grapples with treatment and consequences of mental illnesses. Topics span a broad range, from the public health response in Israel, where schools played "a significant role" for adolescents with an emotional or behavioral problem, to programs in Russia where people with mental illness are likely to be excluded from services. []
Blizzard of news about DSM-V
Would introducing a category for the risk of psychosis promote early diagnosis that leads to better treatment? Or will it promote unnecessary worry, stigma and giving drugs to young adults who don't need them? These are among the questions posed by the release of the American Psychiatric Association's newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V). . . []
Fish oil protects against psychosis
Omega 3iStock.jpgFish oil, Omega 3, was found to protect those at high risk for first-episode psychotic disorders, according to the findings of Swiss, Austrian and Australian researchers. . . []
Interim parity regulations hailed
Friday's announcement about the partial interim federal regulations ending discrimination for mental health and addiction disorders earned praise from advocates. Words like "applaud,"commendable" and "victories for fairness" peppered press releases from organizations working to end insurance discrimination. . . []
From community mental health to substance abuse treatment: bridging treatment cultures
Dr. David Moltz describes how his work with opiod dependent clients incorporated approaches from his successful career in community psychiatry. Read more about the practical solutions he introduced to substance abuse treatment. []
FDA seeks public comment on ECT
The FDA is asking for comment to determine whether it should reclassify ECT to require "reasonable assurance of the safety and effectiveness" of the mechanical devices used for electroconvulsive therapy. ECT was already in use when the FDA codified mechanical devices, []
Review of psycho-social interventions for schizophrenia
Delays in implementing recommended psycho-social services as an adjunct to medication can prolong disabilities associated with schizophrenia, write the authors of a study in the on-line Advance Access Schizophrenia Bulletin. In a comprehensive project (citing 233 references) []
Homework for psychiatric recovery
Homework, known by students worldwide, is being used in Austraila as part of the toolbox for recovery. A letter to the editor in the October issue of Psychiatric Services describes how this works. . . []
Three out of 10 people have a mental health crisis and two-thirds of them receive no treatment.
To read more from The Lancet series about global mental health services, download Barriers to Reform (pdf).... []
Internet therapy for depression
Instant messaging with an on-line therapist might become the next vehicle for treating depression. . . []
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most frequently taught evidence-based therapy during clinical training.
Read more about the lack of training clinicians in evidence-based therapies in "National Survey of Psychotherapy Training in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Social Work," by Myrna M. Weissman, et. al, in the Archives of General Psychiatry.... []
June in the journals
Children of war carry the trauma long after power has shifted and the ink has dried on peace treaties. An editorial in the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine laments PTSD, a long-term consequence of trauma for children has received little attention. . . []
APA: May is Borderline Personality Disorder month
. . .John Gunderson, M.D., lecture []
It takes 17 years for scientific knowledge to become incorporated into routine practice.
Download Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century (2001), from the Institute of Medicine. ... []
Schizophrenia's symptoms
Is schizophrenia a systemic disease? Dr. Brian Kirkpatrick poses this question in an article published in Advance Access Schizophrenia Bulletin. The answer, Kirkpatrick says, has implications for clinical care as well as future research.... []
Preventing child abuse in residential treatment
Abuses in wilderness camps, therapeutic communities, and other residential treatment programs have fallen between the law and regulation. For lack of success in other treatment setting, parents of out-of-control adolescents with mental health, addiction, or behavior problems have turned to unlicensed programs. After hearings and law-suits detailed abuses such as the withholding of food, sex abuse, unlicensed treatment providers, and, in some instances, death, Rep. George Miller (D-Cal) re-introduced a bill (H.R. 911) to establish enforceable standards. Update (23 Feb.... []
"Take These Broken Wings"

People can and do recover from schizophrenia. Daniel Mackler, a filmmaker and a psychotherapist, tells the story of two women whose recovery took place without antipsychotic drugs. Darby Penney reviews "Take These Broken Wings." []
Forced ECT
A court order mandating electroshock therapy (ECT) for a 54-year-old Minnesota man with schizophrenia has drawn public outcry. Ray Sandford has been receiving ECT since May against his will. Unable to get them stopped, he contacted MindFreedom International for help. Sanford, who is a guardian of Lutheran Social Services, complains of headaches and memory loss and his mother concurs. She told Minnesota Public Radio that after an initial improvement, she expected they would stop. He no longer recognizes family members.... []

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