I’ve been reading that something really odd recently. It’s Bill Lichtenstein, the noted American print and broadcast journalist, and a TV show called “on the media”. It appears that they accused Bill of some shenanigans. They basically accused him live on air of knowing about speaking fees when he claimed he didn’t. However, they just … Read more

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How we can try to be more inclusive with our language in the mental health field? How can we show those who have been marginalized by psychiatric labels that we are listening and welcoming? ”The term “mentally ill” is very much a medical model. If you want to use that term about yourself that is … Read more

Man Behind The Myth For The Next Twelve Months

the Ronald Reagan image machine will be turning out countless vignettes of the nation’s 40th president, the man neighbors called “Dutch.” He will be described as no-nonsense yet kindly, remote but avuncular, a movies-star-turned-politician, and remembered as a local lifeguard rescuing people in troubled waters. With dashing good looks, a sonorous tone that became the … Read more