About Us

I’m really excited about restarting this site. A few years back I used it for my professional work. However, it sat dormant for several years, and I never did anything with it. I moved on in my career but still kept paying the hosting and domain bills.

So I figured, rather than destroying it and starting everything fresh, I would just get rid of most of the old content and use the existing site as a base for the new passions and interests I want to talk about with my visitors to the site.

One of my passions has been finding a new lease of life. In doing that, I became far more chilled out around enjoying myself. I’ll be honest, that meant drinking more, and also smoking quite a bit of weed.

And what I found has shocked me to be honest. Over the past couple of years, we have been liberalizing the laws in America around cannabis use. In many states is actually now completely legal to do so recreationally.

If you haven’t smoked a joint for two weeks, you can still be drug tested at work and fired if traces of cannabis metabolites are found.

That totally outrages me. I’m doing something completely legal. I’m not under the effects of anything and haven’t done it for several days, or even weeks, and yet I could be drug tested and lose my job.

It’s the same with being hired. I could have smoked a joint two weeks ago, and not get the job. But some irresponsible moron, who just doesn’t have any metabolites in their body, gets the job instead of me.

The whole thing stinks, and I can’t believe that you can now still be laid off for doing something totally legal. Sure, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you should be fired, and prosecuted. If you’re responsible and doing something illegal, then how the hell is that ethically right?

So I’ll be devoting quite a lot of what I talk to you about here to the topic of drug testing and marijuana use. I’ve learned how to avoid getting caught.

I’ve passed live drug tests when I know I got cannabis metabolites in my body. I used synthetic urine and for the second one a detox drink.

I’ll pass on everything I know to you right here. I’ll review detox drinks, synthetic urine, talk about detoxification and avoiding getting caught.

On top of that, I’ll also talk to you about other topics I’m passionate about as well. I work out a lot, so I could touch on bodybuilding and supplements as well. But probably not as much, because the advice I give may not apply to you because it’s such a personal thing.

Anyway, that’s the about me page. I hope you can see a bit about the history of why I’ve started to re-purpose this website, and understand passions I have, and how I want to help people to not get caught for doing things that are entirely safe and legal.