I’ve been reading that something really odd recently. It’s Bill Lichtenstein, the noted American print and broadcast journalist, and a TV show called “on the media”.

It appears that they accused Bill of some shenanigans. They basically accused him live on air of knowing about speaking fees when he claimed he didn’t. However, they just use some “anonymous source”, which anyone who’s been near the media knows is dubious enough to often mean they basically made it up.

To make it worse, they made the accusation without even asking him to comment. They just blurted it out live on air, accusing him of basically taking money he shouldn’t have, without corroborating the story all the sources at all. That’s absolutely crazy and unprofessional behavior. As used to be in that industry, I was genuinely quite shocked.

I was reading about it on my phone. I saw it on Twitter, when someone I follow mentioned it in their feed. I followed the link and read the story. Bill is someone I admire, and hadn’t realized this ludicrous accusation had been made. It’s old news, but for some reason I hadn’t picked up on it.

I was reading on the phone while I was sitting waiting at the gym. For some reason it was crazy busy there. I think it was because it’s the end of the summer holidays and the kids are now back at school. People suddenly get panicked about the extra weight they’ve gained during the holidays, and because they have been dealing with the kids, so not being able to keep fit. End result is everyone piles into the gym for a few weeks until the lazy ones stop going again.

I was impatient to get in there because I have just started a new SARMs cycle. When I start new cycle, I like to hit the ground running because I want to make the maximum gains from taking it by can, as early as I can. With SARMs you have two, because they don’t really work on their own, they work better through the resistance training you do.

Usually I’ll do a bulking cycle for 12 weeks. Not very aggressive, but obviously 12 weeks of intense working out really will start to take its toll, so I like to really get a head start in the first month while I’m fresh and keen.

The stack I’m doing is 10 mg RAD-140 and 10 mg Cardarine, with 15 mg YK-11 for the first four weeks. I’m really hoping to pack on significant bulk, and then ease off the YK-11 because it can give you to bloat and dramatically increase your appetite.

Put together, I’m hoping that in about eight weeks be significantly more bulky, toned, and full of energy and endurance. I’ll then shave a few milligrams off the RAD-140 and perhaps start a bit of preliminary PCT

Cardarine is fantastic because it’s energy in a bottle. I’m hoping that like last time I used it, it will give me a significant energy boost, cutting fat, helping me to push my muscles harder, and getting me the rewards I want faster.

So when I’m sitting there having taken my daily dose of SARMs, and then I’m sitting waiting to use each machine, it breaks up the rhythm, and I’m not getting a smooth continuation of my workout routine.

It annoyed me so much, that I’m actually looking at changing gyms. I really want to spend the next six months bulking up and sculpting myself. I can’t do that if I’m having to sit around and waste time three times a week.

There are larger gyms around, with more facilities, but prices shoot up. There’s just such a demand in my area.

Anyway, I guess that’s my worry and not yours. The main thing I want to get across here is that I was really fed up I was wasting time, and I want to get across to how important it is to hit the ground running if you start using SARMs.

Whether you are bulking, cutting, or using them for strength and endurance improvements, you’ll want to get the most out of them as quickly as possible. SARMs aren’t like steroids. They don’t just work like magic; you have to put stress on your muscles in order for them to grow. You have to really burn the energy to cut the fat, and you have to work out to build up your vascularity and strength.

So what I’m advising to you as you make sure your diet and nutrition are superb, and planned in advance. Make sure your progressions and routines are planned and practiced. Make sure you target yourself and monitor your progress.

And, as I found out to my cost, make sure you join a gym that actually can supply the machines and support you need, when you want it. It might be you have to plan to go off peak, and make sure that you note the times and days at quietest so that you can just get straight in there and get pushing yourself hard without hanging around waiting.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for me, lots more work than I was hoping for, and not a lot of time to chill out and have a bit of a smoke and drink either. I like to do that despite my fantastic diet and exercise plan, because everyone has to have downtime as well.

The put together, it’s been a tough couple of weeks, but I’m now committed to doing a 12 weeks SARMs cycle, and now I’ve actually got started, I intend to make sure I follow it through to its conclusion.

I will be updating this site on my progress at times. So if you’re interested in the progress and making, and you’re looking for a few tips and a bit of advice on the SARMs use, cycle length, what to watch out for, and curveballs like not be able to work out when you’ve taken the SARMs, then I hope you will follow this site, and hopefully you’ll learn something.