Can You Clean Your System In 24 Hours To Pass A Drug Test?

People facing a drug test at short notice are going to struggle if they haven’t prepared. So in this quick guide I’m going to tell you how to clean your system in 24 hours, or at least mask the toxins for long enough to pass a urine sample drug test.

There are actually several proven ways to pass a drug test even with THC or other drug metabolites in your system. The problem is that there’s a lot of bad information out there, and people just don’t get the help they need.

So this is going to be a complete guide on ways to pass a drug test at short notice, even with just 24 hours’ notice before you have to submit your sample.

Is It Possible To Clean Your System In 24 Hours?

Right upfront here I’m going to tell you that unfortunately it’s not possible to learn how to truly clean your system in as little as 24 hours.

I’ll say that with one caveat. It depends what level of drug metabolites you’ve got in your body.

Average drug detection times in urine range from as little as 24 hours through to a week or more for chronic users of some types of drug.

On average, most drugs are undetectable for a moderate user three days after the end of that great feeling.

The problem is that so many things feed into this. The dose, the purity, the frequency of dosing, what you’ve taken with it, your metabolism, alcohol, weight, health, all sorts of feed into this things contribute.

But unless you are anything other than the light, occasional user, then no, there’s no way to get clean in 24 hours.

Which leaves us with masking strategies.

You Have To Understand How Drug Metabolites Work In Your Body

To understand why you can’t clean your body in 24 hours, and also to understand which masking strategies will work, it’s important that we know how drug metabolites work in the body.

When you smoke weed for example, that THC gets converted into metabolites, cell-sized waste products that first appear in your bloodstream.

Shortly after that, they also start to appear in saliva. But they then disappear from the bloodstream and saliva quite quickly as the body processes them, usually within the first 24 hours.

They then work their way out of your body through your bladder and bowels. This last part of the process is the longest, and it’s why urine drug testing is the most dangerous.

So in order to mask the drug toxins that are inevitably still in your body, you have basically two strategies.

Firstly you can submit a fake sample. That gets around the entire problem. However, finding something to use that will fool a professional, modern, drug testing company is tough. Also, don’t be an idiot and think that you can submit your mates urine instead of yours.

Secondly, you can use detoxification liquids which will mask the toxins for a few hours.

The Two Proven Ways To Pass A Drug Test

So, now we have got to a point where you understand exactly how drug metabolites work in the body, and how it’s impossible to push them out of your system to get genuinely clean in just one day, let’s look at proven ways to pass a drug test using masking techniques.

In order to understand why these are proven ways to pass drug tests, you have to have some knowledge on how a drug test works:

  1. When you submit your sample it has to be within the correct temperature range. Legally this has to be between 90°F and 100°F. The sample has to be tested within three minutes of you handing it over. You’ll be present, and it’s recorded usually from the temperature on the side of the submission cup.
  • The second hurdle your sample has to jump is it has to pass initial validity checks. This is where your sample is checked that it doesn’t contain biocide (an artificial preservative used by some fake urine brands). They will also check the presence of urea, uric acid, and creatine. They will also check it composition (pH, specific gravity and dilution). If it passes that it goes to the basic immunoassay testing. If it fails validity checks, it goes straight to the more involved gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis.
  • The third hurdle is the full gas chromatography – Mass spectrometry analysis. The most basic drug testing this level of scrutiny is used. Most just have the immunoassay testing, where the sample is tested against panels which react if metabolites of that drug types are detected. But this is the full invasive analysis that more expensive drug testing, and those which fail the previous two hurdles go through.

1. Synthetic Urine

Now you’re probably wondering which types of synthetic urine are going to pass that level of scrutiny. I can tell you for a fact, that not many will.

For a start, most brands out there contained biocide. That’s an artificial preservative that the drug labs realized was present in most brands, so they routinely test for it now.

Also, most brands just aren’t complex enough. They don’t contain even both urea or uric acid, or it’s not in the correct proportion.  Magnum urine is an example of this. They even started to include a separate vial of uric acid you could pour in to try and offset this problem.

However, the bottom line is that most brands out there contain biocide, or are just not complex and balanced enough to pass scrutiny. These are the brands you should stay away from:

  • Magnum
  • U-Pass
  • Urine Luck
  • Xstream
  • Synthetix5

On top of those problems, even the good brands that tick all the boxes usually use heatpads to sustain the sample temperature until it’s submitted. However, heatpads can fail, so any brand that uses one is more likely to let you down.

The cheap brands out there which will work, but are very basic and use heatpads, are Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix. Both of these are good enough to pass a basic pre-employment drug test. However, under closer scrutiny, or if the heatpad fails, you’re going to be in trouble.

Sub Solution is the most popular synthetic urine out there now. But it’s double the price of most of the basic brands, retailing at $80.

However, with Sub Solution you get a high level of complexity: a total of 13 chemicals found in urine. It’s perfectly balanced, and it looks and smells like urine. Hell, even froths like it. You could not tell it apart.

A level up from that is its big brother called Quick Luck. Basically the same as sub solution but premixed. That costs $100 and gets around the problem of needing to mix the sample up. That makes it perfect for on the spot drug testing.

Also, with both of these brands, you get heat activator powder instead of a heatpad. That uses agitation as the liquid dissolves to warm the sample. Around 1/3 of the heat activator powder included will warm the sample within one minute. Then you can add a little bit more until it gets as close to 100°F as possible without going over.

As long as you’ve got the guts to submit the sample you will be fine. As most drug testing is unobserved (observed drug testing is usually only reserved for law enforcement purposes, probation, or certain high-level occupations) you won’t have a problem.

All you have to do is make sure that you follow these basic instructions:

1. Just outside the place you’re going to submit your sample you will prepare it.

2. Tap in heat activator powder a little at a time until it gets to as close to 100°F possible without going over.

3. Then tuck the sample into your underwear so that it’s close to your skin and maintains its temperature better via your body heat.

4. Just before you submit the sample, if you can, check the temperature again. Because it is unobserved, you should still be able to add a little more heat activator powder if needed. That’s risky, when the alternative choice would be definite failure, it’s worth it.

2. Detox Drinks

There are two reasons why you would use detox drinks instead of synthetic urine, because I’m telling you that high-quality fake urine is the most powerful way to pass a drug test.

The first reason is that you just simply cannot get the courage up to submit a fake sample. It’s okay, I can understand that, but as long as it’s an unsupervised drug test, you literally won’t have anyone near you.

The second reason is if it is an observed drug test. These are usually reserved for law enforcement, probation, and for some classes of job, like federal government. You should be told it’s going to be supervised. Don’t worry, a supervised drug test doesn’t mean someone is literally standing over you, it just means you are being indirectly observed by someone in the same room to stop you literally pouring a fake sample into the cup.

There’s a misconception a detox drink permanently removes drug toxins. That’s not actually totally true. It only removes the toxins between your kidneys and urinary tract. Anything working its way through the rest of the body is not touched.

Therefore, a detox drink is actually a short-term masking agent. As soon as fresh drug toxins are processed by the body, they will start to appear in your urine again.

His what a detox drink actually does to mask the toxins and keep your urine appearing natural:

1. When you drink a detox drink the volume of liquid will flush out the toxins because you’ll have to urinate and the fresh liquid won’t contain metabolites.

2. Detox drinks also contain ingredients which help you to urinate more frequently, and help to drag more toxins out than you can naturally. So you’ll get rid of more toxins, more quickly. This will give you a longer period of time before the body processes toxins to appear in your urine again.

3. Because the volume of liquid would dilute your sample, a detox drink also contains ingredients which help to make your urine appear natural. It contains a large amount of several key things found in urine, these flood the body, and are inevitably passed through as waste in the correct proportions, appearing in your urine. Also, a good quality detox drink contains ingredients which keep your urine looking the right color.

Taking that all into account, good quality detox drinks will allow you to submit a clean sample for a few hours.

The top brands of detox drinks out there that can achieve all this are Rescue Cleanse, Mega clean, Ultra Eliminex, and Absolute Detox.

Please avoid low quality detox drinks which are little better than flavored water. Qcarbo, Rescue Detox, and Stinger Detox are all examples of poor quality drinks to be avoided.

With a good quality detox drink the process to use it for a detox is as follows:

  1. Drink the contents of the bottle smoothly over about 30 minutes.
  • A good quality detox drink won’t ask you to drink lots of additional water. Usually it’s none, or sometimes a very small amount of additional water after you have consumed the actual drink.
  • During, and after, consumption, you will need to urinate as frequently as possible over the next 45 – 60 minutes to flush out the existing urine containing toxins.
  • You’ll then get up to 5 hours clean to submit your sample. However you must bear in mind that if you have high levels of drug toxins in your body, this time could be a couple of hours shorter.

A final tip for me on detox drink is always to do a 24-hour detox the day before your test if possible. Abstain from drugs, exercise, sweat, and accelerate the elimination of toxins where possible by using high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid.

Conclusion & Advice On Detox products

So there you go, nothing can really get you clean in 24 hours. Nothing is going to get weed out of your system fast enough to submit a sample that’s clean in that amount of time.

But as you now know, you can mask the toxins either by submitting a fake sample, or using a good quality detox drink.

My final word here is to always to get this stuff in stock in advance. Be prepared is the Scouts motto, and it should be yours if you think you might face a drug test as a regular drug user.

Shipping could take two or three days, and they could be delays. Or the products you want could be out of stock.

I’d also advise you have a detox drink and fake urine in your home at the same time. That way you can’t get caught out if the detox drink doesn’t work, or if you’re suddenly told it’s a supervised drug test.

Finally, make sure if you’re using detox drinks that you have some cheap home drug test kits to hand. That way you’ll know if you are genuinely clean just before you leave to submit your sample, and you’ve always got the plan B of fake urine ready to go.