Can You Use Homemade Detox Drinks For Drug Tests?

If you’re looking to pass a drug test, then there will be a lot of people online trying to convince you that you can do it by spending only a small amount of money on a homemade detox drink, otherwise known as a “home remedy” detox.

But can homemade detox drinks for drug tests really ever work? Is there any scientific evidence that they can flush out drug toxins and leave your urine appearing balanced so that you can fool a modern drug testing company with all their digital equipment?

Let’s talk you through it all and answer that question right now. I’m going to talk you through the various home remedies out there, including things like cranberry juice and green tea for passing drug tests, and talk to you about a few professional quality detox drinks and other methods to consider using instead.

Let’s Talk About The Big One First: The Using Cranberry Juice For Drug Tests

When people talk about homemade detox drinks to pass a drug test, they will invariably mention using Cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is often used to deal with urinary tract infections. It’s also a diuretic, meaning will make you urinate more readily.

So sure, you’ll go to the toilet more often and flush yourself out more quickly. It’s also great if you’ve got a urinary tract infection. But it’s going to leave your urine hideously diluted, and it does nothing to address the fact that a detox drink has to contain things that draw out more drug toxins than a normal liquid can.

If you use Cranberry juice as a home remedy detox drink you will fail a urine sample drug test.

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What About Green Tea, Palo Azul, Or Other Types Of Tea?

Next up are the various sorts of tea that people say can pass a drug test.

Green tea, Palo Azul tea, and even normal tea, are all touted as something which can flush out drug toxins and leave you clean.

Again, tea is a slight diuretic. It also tastes lovely. But that’s about it.

Drink lots of tea before your drug test and your sample will be diluted. It also does nothing to draw out more toxins than standard liquid can, and it doesn’t put things into your body that keep your urine balanced.

If you use any type of tea as a homemade detox drink, you will be sure to fail your test.

Let’s Talk About The Certo Sure Jell Method

The next home remedy detox drink I want to talk about is one of the big ones, the one that most people will discuss as being able to pass a drug test. There is actually a scientific basis behind the Certo/Sure Jell method working. But there’s a huge caveat to that, and I want to make sure you understand the problem here.

Certo and Sure-Jell are brands of fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is very fibrous. When you consume a large amount of it, it creates bile to help pass it through the bowel.

Cannabis metabolites are unique in the way that they are shaped. They attach to cells in the body more readily, and they are also drawn out mainly through the bowels rather than through urine. 60% of cannabis metabolites on average exit the body through the bowel rather than through the bladder.

So by creating more bile, you are giving the cannabis metabolites something to bind onto. That’s why bile helps to draw cannabis metabolites out through the bowels more readily.

On the surface of it then, fruit pectin should be brilliant for passing drug tests.

The problem is that that doesn’t stack up for several reasons:

  • The Certo method only works for cannabis metabolites, for all other types of drug metabolites it’s no better than drinking water
  • The Certo/Sure Jell method as a home remedy detox drink still doesn’t address the 40% of the cannabis metabolites which don’t exit through the bowels
  • This method may get rid of the large majority, hell, even all of the cannabis metabolites if you’re lucky, but it does nothing to address the fact that your urine will be completely diluted after drinking so much liquid

As you can see, it just doesn’t quite stack up as a solution for passing a drug test using a home remedy detox drink.

As well as the water mixed into the fruit pectin, you have to drink quite a substantial amount of additional water. This is actually partly for safety reasons because you can clog up your stomach and bowel by suddenly digesting so much fiber. But it also means your sample will be diluted.

Now advocates of the Certo method will further say that you take multivitamins and creatine as part of it. The multivitamins can change the color of your urine to be more amber, and put vitamins that are found in urine as waste, as well as creatinine (the byproduct of creatine).

But that’s still showing ignorance of how complex urine is. It doesn’t just contain the vitamins in any balance, it also contains waste minerals, byproducts created from the body operating, things that just aren’t found in Certo or multivitamin tablets.

So the bottom line is that the Certo method won’t work for you. I’ll say probably here because it probably won’t work.