How To Use Detox Pills For THC To Get Clean Fast

Getting genuinely clean is the best way to pass a drug test. Using detox pills for THC and other drugs can dramatically speed up the speed at which the toxins leave your body as part of a natural detox.

So what you’re going to learn right now is how to use detox pills for drug test success. You’re going to learn how to detox for a drug test generally, and how to accelerate that using detox pills.

Plus, you going to learn a couple of tricks to make sure that you know exactly whether you are clean or not, and the even if the natural detox doesn’t work fully, that you will still pass a drug test using the tip I give you, alongside learning what the best detox pills are.

How Long Do Drug Metabolites Actually Stay In Your Body?

To understand how long you will need to do a natural detox for and then accelerate it with detox pills, you have to know how long drug metabolites will stay detectable in your body for.

It will all depend on how often you use drugs, the doses you take, and how well your body processes things.

Drug detection times for very occasional users are actually very short. Surprisingly 72 hours or less for every major type of drug, with some disappearing in 24 hours.

But the more often you take drugs, the higher the dose, and the worst your body’s processing of them, then the more the backlog there will be.

The real danger is for people who are regular weed smokers or drug users. If you’re taking drugs several days per week, it will take you at least a week to get clean naturally, often a little longer than that.

If you’re a chronic user, it can take several weeks. It’s been proven in studies that chronic weed smokers, people smoking multiple joints per day, can take as long as two months to get clean.

However, that’s not quite whole story, as cannabis metabolites don’t leave the body in a linear fashion like other drugs. They can cling to cells in the body and detach randomly over several weeks. That’s what’s important is weed smoker that you get them out as quickly as possible.

How Detox Pills Work

So let’s use the scenario that you are a daily weed smoker. It’s going to take you a couple of weeks to get clean at least if you just stick to a natural detox.

I will talk you through how to detox for drug test in a moment, but first we need to understand how detox pill actually works.

They aren’t magic pills. You don’t just take a few days nor drug metabolites magically exit the body.

They contain natural ingredients that do rapidly speed up the elimination of toxins though. So diuretics, things that draw toxins out through the bowels, alongside ingredients which help with the efficiency of health of your liver and kidneys.

But be careful, because not all detox pills are equal. If you’re picking up some crap from Walmart, Walgreens, eBay, Amazon, then you going to be in for a shock because they just won’t work.

You’re looking for specialist detox pills for THC and other drugs that have the potency and targeted ingredients to get rid of toxins rapidly from the body. You’re not going to get that with a $30 general detoxification product at Walmart.

How Well Do Detox Pills Work Really?

General detox pills to aid a general detoxification of the body can take literally weeks to work. They are just designed to slightly speed up the body processes that get rid of toxins.

But potent detox pills for weed and other drugs can half the amount of time it takes you to get clean. In fact, many people find that they are clean in less than half the time it would take to get clean naturally if they are using high-quality detox pills.

So if you’re a chronic weed smoker who could take three weeks to get clean, then you could be clean in 10 days, or even a week.

How To Detox For A Drug Test Using Detox Pills

If you want to know how to detox for drug test, properly so that you are permanently clean to pass it, then you need to understand how to do a natural detox.

A natural detox is where you give your body a chance free from toxins to process the toxins already in your body as efficiently as possible using the following steps every single day:

  • Abstain from weed and other drug toxins
  • Don’t drink alcohol or anything else which slow your system down
  • Avoid anything which can be damaging to the liver or kidneys
  • Eat small amounts of food frequently rather than large meals
  • Stick to lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and fiber
  • Don’t eat fatty foods or process carbohydrates
  • Stay clear of sugary foods
  • Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes
  • Make sure you sweat during your exercise as toxins also exit through the skin
  • Get eight hours rest each night
  • Drink the maximum recommended amount of water each day

At the same time you’re doing all this, you’ll be taking the detox pills to speed up the elimination process as well.

The thing is, it’s tough to know how long a natural detox will take when sped up by detox pills.

But broadly, you’re going to fall into one of three groups:

  1. If you are really light user, a couple of times a week or less, you’ll probably get away with a natural detox. But you might want to do a short one, two, or three day detox pill course to make sure.
  • A moderate user, three times a week, something like that, will be clean in 10 days or less, and often a week or less naturally. She looking at five or seven day course of detox pills.
  • For a heavy user, a daily weed smoker, or if you’re taking drugs of any description more days of the week than not, you’re looking at a two week detox, you’re going to need the longest detox pill course you can find.

In my experience, as a daily weed smoker, about three years ago it took me three weeks to get naturally clean. I tested using home drug test kits, and after the third test, on day 20, I tested negative.

Since then I have done it again for a high quality job I wanted to go for. I didn’t want any issues with failing a drug test. I used a detox pill course, still as a daily weed smoker, and I was clean in 11 days. That’s quite a significant difference of nine days.

Should You Buy Specialist Detox Pills For THC?

Before I tell you what the best detox pills for THC are, I want to warn you away from specialist pills that claim to only eliminate THC toxins, or at least target them in some way.

You’ll see them on places like Walmart, and Walgreens, and also eBay and Amazon. They will give the impression that they are great for THC metabolite removal.

The implication is that they can eliminate THC metabolites efficiently. But invariably, that claim is rubbish.

The best detox pills for drug tests will work for any drug metabolites, they just push drug toxins generally out more rapidly, and they help your body to do that.

Anything which claims it can target THC metabolites is basically lying. The only way that you can target them is to eat more fiber and fat, as this draws THC metabolites to the bowels (THC metabolites are almost unique in that they leave the body via the bowels and bladder in almost equal quantities).

But the fiber in any detox pill is minimal, less than you would get from just eating a high fiber breakfast cereal.

Anything which claims to target THC specifically it’s a marketing trick and is best avoided.

What Are The Best Detox Pills For Drug Test Success?

So let’s finish here by telling you what the best detox pills for drug test really are. Do detox pills work, certainly, but only if you get the right ones and use them alongside a proper detoxification program.

For me, Toxin Rid are the best detox pills you can buy.

You can get course lengths from a single day, through to 10 days in length. You can even add additional days that should you have the money or feel you need to.

For me, the 10 day course is the one you should be choosing if you have high levels of toxins in your body. If you are that daily weed smoker then you need to weeks to get clean, and will need the 10 day course of Toxin Rid to get clean.

If you’re a moderate user, you could get away with the Toxin Rid 5 Day detox. But I’d probably advise you still go for the 7 day course if you’re in any doubt about that.

The shorter courses, especially the one, two, three day courses are only ever going to help you if you are very light user, or if you’re just trying to get rid of enough metabolites so that a detox drink has less work to do on the day of your test.

Instructions of Toxin Rid are really straightforward as well:

  1. Every day of the Toxin Rid course, you will take three pills per hour from the hour you wake up. You do this for the first five hours of the day with water. So that’s 15 Toxin Rid pills over five hours. You’ll then carry on for the rest of the day visiting the toilet as often as possible. In the first couple of days you’ll be pretty shocked at what comes out.
  • On the final day of the Toxin Rid course, after the last three pills, you’ll drink the detox liquid. Mix it up with orange juice or filtered water, drink half of it, leave it two hours, then drink the other half. This not only helps to eliminate more toxins, but it also replaces the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that have been pulled out of the body along with the toxins in the previous few days.
  • Hopefully you will have timed things right and within a couple of days of finishing the Toxin Rid course you will be taking your drug test. On that day, about three hours before you leave, mix up the dietary fiber supplement and drink that. Then urinate several times. It will draw cannabis metabolites to the bowel, and help you urinate out other drug metabolites.

So as you can see, using Toxin Rid is really straightforward. It’s one of the easiest ways to learn how to detox for drug test that more potent than doing a natural detox alone.

A couple of tips from me though. And these are important.

When you buy Toxin Rid, whatever course length you choose, make sure you order a few home drug test kits. This will allow you to monitor your progress, and on the day of your test it will allow you to make sure you are clean just before you leave.

If for some reason you haven’t eliminate all the toxins and you still test positive (that can happen with cannabis metabolites because they can cling to cells in the body and attach randomly over several days even after you last tested clean), you can use a detox drink to mask what’s left.

A high-quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse, or even Mega Clean, with less work to do to mask any remaining toxins for up to 5 hours, giving you plenty of time to submit a sample.

But as long as you do a long enough course, and you rigorously stick to the natural detox rules, then you should be completely clean to pass a drug test using Toxin Rid.