Mega Clean Detox Drink Reviewed & Tested

Mega Clean is one of the detox drink brands that you will quickly become aware of if you’re looking for ways to pass a drug test. In this Mega Clean detox review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to decide if Mega Clean is the right drink for you to use.

We’re going to talk about what Mega Clean is, and how it compares to the rest of the range of drinks sold by the parent company detoxify.

I’m also going to talk you through the full Mega Clean instructions you need to use it successfully, including a top tip from me on getting some certainty it’s worked. I’ve also tested Mega Clean using home drug test kits, and I have a close friend who passed a drug test using Mega Clean following the instructions I’m going to give you here.

On top of all that, I’m going to compare it to other detox drinks on the market and give you the reasons why there are a couple of better alternatives out there you should at least consider using instead.

Detoxify Mega Clean Explained

Mega Clean is a detox drink from a company called Detoxify. It’s a large 30 to fluid ounce drink that is available online, and available at Walmart and other large retailers as well.

It can be a bit confusing because Detoxify make lots of detoxification products, all packaged in the same red, and using the same labelling and fonts.

The three main detox drinks that the company make our Mega Clean, Mighty Clean, and Xxtra Clean.

Mighty Clean is slightly different because it’s a product consisting of three different bottles, that are used in three stages. However, put together it contains most of the same ingredients as Mega Clean, and from what I’ve seen from people who have tested it, it’s not as effective. Plus, you have to use a lot of water with it, which could in my opinion dilute your sample.

Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean

So in terms of the two Detoxify detox drinks left, we have Mega Clean and Xxtra Clean, and I want to cover them in a bit more detail here.

Xxtra Clean is exactly the same formula as Mega Clean. There’s literally no difference between them.

The only thing that is different is that Mega Clean is 32 fluid ounces, while Xxtra clean is 20 fluid ounces. You’re literally just buying a smaller version of Mega Clean.

It’s marketed as suitable for people with low toxin levels or people with a smaller body mass.

However, for the extra $20, I’d just buy Mega Clean and flood your body with a larger volume of specialist liquid. That’s far more likely to flush out the toxins and pass a drug test than using Xxtra Clean. Whatever your level of toxin exposure, or body mass, I recommend you just choose Mega Clean.

How A Detox Drink Actually Works

A detox drink like Detoxify Mega Clean doesn’t actually work in the way that most people think.

When you drink a detox drink it doesn’t magically drag all the drug toxins out of your body.

Here’s what actually happens when you drink a good quality detox drink:

  1. The volume of liquid and the consistency of it flush through your system from your stomach into your bladder very quickly, acting as a diuretic, and drawing toxins in that are passing through that system.
  • That liquid contains several key nutrients that help to speed up movement for your system, and help to draw toxins out of your body.
  • That volume of liquid, with the nutrients, floods your bladder and draw the toxins in, meaning you want to urinate more frequently, and flush out the old toxins in doing so.
  • Because of the volume of liquid, your bladder will then start to refill with urine that doesn’t contain toxins for several hours.
  • A good quality detox drink like Mega Clean also replaces lost nutrients that are being flooded out. It contains vitamins and minerals, and things like creatine which the body converts into creatinine. It also keeps the color of your urine natural and maintains the balance.

So as you can see, good quality detox drink works to flush out your body and replace what’s been flushed out with fresh urine that is balanced and toxin free.

However, important to note that the window of opportunity of using a detox drink is quite small. After a few hours, toxins will be processed by your body and leak into your urine stream again. For heavy users with high levels of toxins in their body, it could be as little as three hours, but more usually you’ll get four or five hours clean to submit a sample.

Mega Clean Instructions & Tips For Passing A Drug Test

Now you understand how a good quality detox drink works, let’s talk about the Mega Clean instructions you need to follow in order to stand the best chance of passing a drug test using it.

Firstly, you should abstain from taking in toxins for a couple of days before your test if possible. If you don’t have this time you can’t do it, but if you have, cut out tobacco, alcohol, poor quality food, and don’t take drugs. Drink plenty of water, and make sure your body has the best chance of processing as many toxins as possible naturally.

The second step is taken two hours before you leave for your test. You will drink the contents of the Mega Clean bottle over about 15 minutes. You’ll then refill the bottle with water and drink that over another 15 minutes.

During and after the 30 minutes it takes you to drink all that liquid, you will try to urinate. In the hour after you have drunk it, you will also try and urinate at least twice. Three times in total is good. This flushes out the toxins and empties your bladder, allowing fresh urine that is toxin-free to enter.

The third step is optional, but it’s one I strongly recommend. Just before you are about to leave, do a home drug test kit the last time you visit the toilet. Do that just to make sure you’re negative. If you’re not then you’re going to have to make sure you have another bottle of detox drink handy, or synthetic urine.

Does Mega Clean Work Every Time?

If you follow the instructions for Mega Clean as I’ve laid out above, you will stand the best chance possible of passing a drug test using it.

However, when it comes to answering the question around does Mega Clean work, a lot of things feed into this.

For a start, it’s all about how high your toxin exposure is. Basically, many toxins are in your body. The more you have, the more frequently they will leak into your urine stream and therefore the shorter space of time you’ll have to submit a clean sample in.

The second point around Mega Clean cleansing drink is that it’s not the strongest detox drink available. It’s pretty good, and if there’s nothing available it’s better than nothing. If you have to grab it at Walmart, it’s far better than its nearest competitor called Qcaqrbo32.

If you have light levels of toxins in your body then Mega Clean on its own will probably be good enough. In an emergency, it’s better than nothing. If you get 24 – 48 hours’ notice before your test to naturally detox, then that will give Mega Clean a much stronger chance of masking the toxins for several hours.

Where To Buy Mega Clean Detox

If you want to buy Mega Clean then the best place to get it is not Walmart. The best place to get it is from Test Clear.

The reason for that is that Test Clear bundle Mega Clean in with six potent Toxin Rid detox pills free.

These Toxin Rid pills allow you to do a much more powerful natural detox in the 24 hours leading up to your test, pushing out far more toxins than your body can on its own.

That combo of Mega Clean and the pre-rid pills alongside a 24-hour detox will massively increase your chances of passing a drug test using it.

Better Alternatives To Mega Clean

So I want to conclude this Mega Clean detox review by telling you this cleansing drink is good enough in most circumstances. But on its own it’s not quite as good as a couple of competitors.

First is Rescue Cleanse. Made by Clear Choice (the people who make Sub Solution fake urine), it’s a fantastic quality detox drink that is very potent. I’ve used it to successfully pass a pre-employment drug test alongside a natural detox for 24 hours before the day.

The second alternative is Ultra Eliminex. Made by Herbal Cleanse, it’s the most potent detox drink on the market today. For a light user, you won’t need pre-rid pills, and you won’t need a 24 hour detox. However, both of those things are preferable if you have the time and money to do so, no matter what detox drink you are using.

All three will work to pass a drug test, but price obviously comes into play here. Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills costs $70. Rescue Cleanse is around $60. Ultra Eliminex costs up to $80 (from places like GNC).

So there is a variation in price, and Mega Clean isn’t the cheapest if you buy it with the pills. If you can buy with the pre-rid pills and give yourself 24-48 hours to flush out toxins, it’s one of the most potent combos you can get to mask the toxins to pass a drug test though.