Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the way that data is collected, used, stored, and deleted from our servers. It also covers how we use your data, and interact with you through your data.

We do not collect any special data on this site, only through contact forms that you submit, comments you make, or basic information around the browser you are using, and your IP address when you visit pages on the site.

Your IP address is collected by the server and use for the purposes of stopping hackers and spammers and is used for anonymized statistical software.

We also use statistical software on a third-party server. This pulls anonymized IP address data from our server, and shows the path’s those anonymized IP’s take through the site, onto the statistical analysis software so that we can better see how the site is used, and structure it better.

Comment form data you submit are not stored on our server. They are sent directly to our email address where they are stored on the email server and any devices the email is forwarded to. On completing your query, the email is deleted both from devices, and periodically, from the server itself.

No cookies are sent from this site. However, if you click on a third-party affiliate links within the content, then the site you visit will put an affiliate cookie onto your device. This allows them to track whether you buy items, and allows us to get paid.

Data is obtained, stored, and deleted as per relevant United States data protection laws. However, we try to work within the spirit of EU cookie and data protection laws as well. If you have any comments or concerns about the data we may have in relation to you, then please drop us your questions via the comment page.