Qcarbo 32 Review: All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

Qcarbo32 is still a popular brand detox drink despite increasing negative reviews online. In this five minute Qcarbo 32 review you’re going to learn exactly why it’s getting so many negative reviews, and how likely it is to help you pass a drug test.

I’ll go through the full Qcarbo32 instructions, alongside a couple of top tips from me on how you can increase your chances of passing.

We will also discuss how a detox drink works, because there is a big misconception around it, alongside telling you what the top four detox drinks are right now and where Qcarbo32 falls within that group.

What is Qcarbo?

Qcarbo is a detox drink made by company called Herbal Clean.

Qcarbo32 is the larger 32 fluid ounce version. They also do Qcarbo 16, which no prizes for guessing, is a smaller 16 fluid ounce version.

I’d never advocate you buy a 16 fluid ounce detox drink because it there’s just not enough potent liquid to do everything I’m going to describe in a moment.

I’ll be honest, Herbal Clean don’t have the best track record nowadays. They make some really crappy detox pills. Lots of them have the same ingredients, but different boxes. They also claim to be able to detoxify your body for drug tests, and yet also state that you should be using them for a month. It’s just cheap rubbish that catches people out, and these awful detox products are sold widely on sites like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens.

But they are also the company responsible for Ultra Eliminex. This has only been out about two years, and is a far more potent and upgraded formula compared to Qcarbo32. Looking at the list of ingredients, including the proprietary blend, it’s just totally different. That’s why Ultra Eliminex is a really good track record, and why people are billing it as the most potent detox drink on the market right now.

How Qcarbo32 Works

Whether you buy Qcarbo32, Ultra Eliminex, or any other detox drink, I want to clear up the misconception around how a detox drink actually works in your body.

This misconception is actually made worse by Herbal Clean who make ambiguous claims in the instructions for using this detox drink around a same day cleanse. What’s ambiguous about it is it doesn’t state whether it just lasts that same day, or whether it means you’ll be permanently clean the same day you take the drink.

Anyway, whatever detox drink you buy, this is how it should work in the body so you can pass a drug test:

  • Firstly, the detox drink should contain a volume enough of liquid (without additional water) to flush through your kidneys and into your bladder drawing all the toxins with it. The flood of liquid should make you start wanting to urinate, getting rid of the toxins already in it, and then replacing it with fresh urine from the detox drink that doesn’t contain urine.
  • Secondly, the detox drink should contain ingredients which are diuretics, so you should urinate more frequently and more easily. It should also contain fiber which helps to create bile, which draws cannabis metabolites towards the bowel. It will also contain ingredients that help to improve your liver and kidney function, allowing processing to happen more quickly.
  • Finally, the detox drink should contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, things like creatine. These flood the body to such an extent that some are passed straight through as waste. These appear in your urine making it appear natural rather than diluted.

If the detox drink you have bought can’t do all that, then you will fail your drug test. Even a good quality detox drink can only last for about five hours. Eventually, depending on how naturally fast your body’s processing of toxins is, fresh ones will be passed through your kidneys and into your urine.

Detailed Qcarbo32 Instructions

These are the instructions you need to follow to get the most out of using Qcarbo32:

  1. Step one of the Qcarbo32 instructions is to shake the bottle well (preferably chill it beforehand) and drink the contents smoothly over about 15 minutes.
  • After you have finished drinking the bottle, try and urinate as frequently as possible in the hour after that. At least three times as a minimum.
  • According to the official instructions you can drink up to 16 fluid ounces of additional water. I personally wouldn’t recommend that unless you really cannot urinate, as it could dilute your sample.
  • About 60 minutes after you have finished consuming the detox drink, take a home drug test kit. You should test negative, and you can then head off to your drug test knowing you’ve got probably 2-4 hours clean.

Those the basic instructions, but it does worry me that they want you to drink additional water if necessary. To me, that’s going to dilute your sample, which ruins the balance the detox drink has created. It may be one of the reasons why so many people fail using this detox drink.

Tips For Improving Your Chances Using Qcarbo32

Here are the top tips from me for improving your chances of passing a drug test using Qcarbo32.

Firstly, I would really make sure you do at least a 48 hour natural detox before the day of a drug test.

That means undertaking the following steps:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise and sweat each day
  • Avoid taking in drugs in other toxins like alcohol
  • Avoid fatty foods, refined carbohydrates, and a heavy diet
  • Focus on fruit, vegetables, and small, lean meals
  • Sleep well

At least 48 hours of that will push out a lot of drug toxins. That means that there are less drug toxins heading towards your kidneys on the day of your drug test, so you will potentially have a longer window of opportunity to submit a clean sample in once you have consumed the bottle of Qcarbo32.

I would also think about accelerating that at least 48 hour detox using potent detox pills. Toxin Rid of the ones I recommend, because they can push out up to 50% more toxins, and in half the time it takes to get naturally clean. Even a two-day course (which only costs about $60) pumps more toxins out of your body so that even Qcarbo32 should work for a heavy weed smoker.

I’ve tested Qcarbo32. I did it six months ago, and it didn’t work for me. I followed the instructions, detoxed for two days, but 90 minutes after I finished the drink, I tested positive.

However, to counter that, I have a buddy online who I do really trust, who said that they passed drug test using it just over a year ago.

I think it depends on how long you do the natural detox, how your body works, and obviously, crucially it matters in terms of how often you take drugs, and the dose as you are taking.

Where To Buy Qcarbo32

You can buy Qcarbo32 at Walmart. If you’re short of time for a drug test, grab a bottle and you will stand a better chance than just using water, or naturally detoxing for a couple of days on its own.

If you got 48 hours’ notice, detox as much as possible, and drink the bottle on the day. That should get a lot of people through a drug test with a negative result. If you have high levels of toxins in your body, say you’re smoking weed every day, then you don’t really stand a chance with that strategy.

So the conclusion of my Qcarbo32 review is that it’s patchy in terms of depending on it. It might work nothing else is available, but there are better alternatives to Qcarbo32 detox out there.

Alternatives To Qcarbo 32 Detox

Top of the three alternatives to Qcarbo32 has to be Ultra Eliminex. It’s a sister product because it’s made by Herbal Clean. But don’t think that means it’s rubbish, because it’s not.

ultra eliminex detox

Ultra Eliminex is already big news online with lots of people saying it’s passing drug tests. I’ve tested it at home and it’s really potent, it worked for me as a regular weed smoker without the detox at all (but I’d still advocate you do one). However, it does cost $80 in comparison to the $50 you will pay for Qcarbo32.

Second on the list is Mega Clean. Don’t buy on its own from Walmart, by it from Test Clear bundled up with six free Toxin Rid pills. That way you can do your 48 hour detox, 24 hours of that being pushed harder by the Toxin Rid pills getting rid of more toxins. On its own it’s not much better than Qcarbo32, but with a 48 hour detox and the detox pills, it’s almost unbeatable for that money ($60)

third on the list is Rescue Cleanse. It’s a great detox drink from Clear Choice, the people who make Sub Solution, the number one brand of fake urine. Do it with a 48 hour detox, even if you can’t afford Toxin Rid pills, and you should be good to go unless you are riddled with drug toxins.

Which means that Qcarbo32 really only comes fourth on the list. If any of the three above are available, get those instead. They can all be bought online from specialist retailers, so grab them in advance.

I will just mention at the end of this Qcarbo32 review that an alternative strategy if it’s an unsupervised drug test is to submit a fake sample of synthetic urine.

Sub Solution or Quick Luck are both highly complex in formula, and don’t rely on a dodgy heatpad to maintain the temperature, the use far superior heat activator powder. If you’ve got the balls to smuggle in (you will be searched anyway for an unsupervised drug test) you’ll stand a far better chance of passing than with any detox drink.