Sub Solution Review: All You Need To Know To About Clear Choice Powdered Urine

I’ve used three different brands of fake urine to pass drug tests in the past five years, and in this Sub Solution review, I want to tell you why it’s the best synthetic urine you can use to pass a drug test.

I’m going to cover everything you need to know in the next five minutes. Exactly how fake urine works, what it needs to contain to pass a modern urinalysis, and full instructions for using Sub Solution.

Plus, I’m going to talk to you about the heat activator powder you get with Sub Solution, and why it’s a revelation.

All that, plus I’m going to compare Sub Solution to the next bestseller called Quick Fix, and where the best places to buy Sub Solution are.

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Clear Choice Sub Solution is the best brand of fake urine you can buy with only one exception. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the complexity of the formula. Secondly, it’s the heat activator powder that you get with it.

Clear Choice also makes Quick Luck, which is the one exception. That’s basically an upgraded version of Sub Solution. It’s a slightly more updated formula, and it’s premixed; where Sub Solution is a powder that you have to mix with water.

Quick Luck costs $100 against the $80 that Sub Solution costs. It’s perfect for on the job drug testing, or where you’ve only got a couple of minutes’ notice, but you don’t need to spend the hundred dollars if you got time to prepare because Sub Solution is just as likely to pass even the most complex types of drug test.

How The Best Fake Urine Is Constructed And Works

So in terms of having the best quality and price, the Sub Solution powdered urine kit is pretty unbeatable.

Sub Solution has the following characteristics:

  • Perfectly balanced for ph and specific gravity
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Sub Solution contains 11 other key substances found in urine
  • It even looks, smells, and froths like human urine

If I put a sample of Sub Solution in front of you, alongside some real urine, you simply would not be able to tell the difference by looking at it, smelling it, or shaking it to see if it froths the way real human urine does.

And it has to be good because it could face some serious scrutiny.

When you submit a sample it goes through several layers of checking as follows:

  1. Firstly it has to be tested for temperature within four minutes of being submitted. At this point, it has to be between 90°F and 100°F.
  • It will then go through validity checks. This looks for the basic characteristics of human urine and checks it’s not been adulterated. If it fails this, it goes straight to the advanced analysis, if it passes, it goes to the lower level of analysis.
  • That lower level of analysis is the basic immunoassay testing. That’s the classic panel test. The sample is tested against panels (hence 5 panel drug test, 10 panel drug test) that react to each substance being looked for. If you pass validity testing, and you fail on the panel test, then you fail a drug test.
  • If the sample fails its validity checks, or something is thrown up during the immunoassay testing, it then goes to full mass spectrometry – gas chromatography analysis. Very few samples have this done to them, and it can take a day or so to do this.

I’m telling you that Sub Solution (and by extension Quick Luck) are the only formulas on the market that can pass all four levels of scrutiny.

In addition, there have been claims online over the years that some lab techs also do a visual check, and even a sniff test when they do the initial validity testing. That means they sniff the sample to see if it smells like urine, they look at it against the light to see if it looks like urine, and they shake the sample to see if it froths. That’s unverified, but Sub Solution also passes this level of human scrutiny.

There have also been rumors online for a couple of years that labs check for the presence of artificial preservatives called biocide. Clear Choice officially states that it doesn’t contain these types of preservatives.

Clear Choice urine

Clear Choice Sub Solution Instructions For Use

So the bottom line here guys is that Clear Choice Sub Solution definitely has the pedigree to pass any level of scrutiny during a modern urinalysis.

To make sure you pass that drug test though, let’s give you the full instructions you’ll need to use it successfully:

1. You won’t need to microwave the sample or otherwise preheated. This is why Sub Solution is so brilliant. However, you will need to prepare the sample by hydrating it. Because it comes as a powder, you will need to mix it with water. Don’t use tap water, or bottled water as they contain things that urine doesn’t because the kidneys filter things out. Use jug filtered water. Mix the right amount of water with the vial of Sub Solution and dissolve it completely in the mixing container supplied.

2. To start warming the sample up, and keep it hidden, tuck it securely into your underwear. That will keep it somewhere that is difficult to observe, and will keep it against your body in an area that radiates a lot of heat. Then put on baggy trousers (jogging bottoms are ideal) and head to the testing location. Obviously if you’re driving this could be problematic, but it is better to keep the sample against your body somewhere, even if it’s just tucked down your top against your skin, because of the warmth you generate.

3. Just before you go into the testing location get the sample out and look at the temperature strip. It probably won’t have a reading on it because it won’t be warm enough (between 90°F and 100°F. Tap in about ¼ of the heat activator powder, and gently agitate it until it’s completely dissolved. After a minute, check the temperature strip. If there’s no reading, add a little more. When you get a reading, wait one minute, and then add a little more to get it as close to 100°F as possible without going over.

4. Because fake urine is only suitable for an unsupervised drug test (the vast majority are unsupervised for employment purposes, unless it a federal job), you won’t even be directly observed. So you can go behind a screen, or into the room, they send you to, and simply check the temperature strip then pour the sample into the container. If it’s cooled, it is possible to just add a little more heat activator powder and dissolve it before you pour the fake urine into the sample container, although obviously, that’s really risky to do.

Why The Heat Activator Powder Is So Superior To Heat Pads

Most fake urine brands out there use heat pads. You activate them, and they kick out a steady heat for a few hours, that should keep the sample within the correct temperature range. Although they have a high success rate, obviously there’s more chance of a heat pad failing in some way.

The heat activator powder supplied by the Sub Solution (and Quick Luck) is unique. No other brand uses it.

You’ll pay a premium, but as you’ve seen from my Sub Solution instructions, it gives you granular control over the temperature sample right up until the moment you submit it. It’s gold dust.

sub solution heat activator powder

Sub Solution Reviews Online Tell Their Own Story

User reviews for Sub Solution online exceed the positivity of all other fake urine reviews I’ve ever read.

I’m not talking about formal Sub Solution reviews like this one, I’m talking about user reviews. The real people on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and social media generally.

I’m telling you that if you do some googling and research, no other brand of fake urine will show you as much positive feedback. That’s partly because of the complexity of the formula, and because the heat activator powder makes it idiot-proof.

The number one reason people actually fail drug test using synthetic urine is that they mess up the temperature of the sample. Sub Solution makes that impossible to do.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

Quick Fix is another great brand of fake urine. It actually costs $40 to buy, half of the price of Sub Solution. Sure, it contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s pretty well balanced, and “sort of” looks like urine. But that’s where the good news ends.

Unlike Sub Solution, it doesn’t contain anything else that could be looked for during validity checks. Also, it uses a heatpad, which as you now know offers a far higher chance of failure.

Sub Solution is far superior to Quick Fix in every way. Quick Fix could pass you a basic pre-employment drug test. But if you’re serious about passing, then for crying out loud spend the extra money.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Sub Solution

I hope you can see, that the Clear Choice Sub Solution powdered urine kit is almost unrivaled. The only thing which beats it is Quick Luck because it’s premixed. $80 isn’t cheap, and neither is $100 for Quick Luck. However, stacked up against any other fake urine product out there, it’s just double the product in terms of safety and reassurance.

Also, don’t do that find Clear Choice Sub Solution near my Internet search. It’s a waste of time, you won’t find it locally for sale. It’s only available from specialist online retailers.

I’d always recommend you buy Sub Solution from (here) because it’s the official seller, so you won’t have problems with out-of-date stock, or even buying a fake product like you would from a dodgy website or general marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.