The Sure Jell Drug Test Method: Does It Work To Pass A Drug Test?

This quick fire review is going to tell you everything you need to know about the Sure Jell drug test method. I’m going to answer that key question: does the Sure Jell/Certo method work?

There’s a lot of hype online about this, and I want to explain it in detail. I’m going to tell you exactly what the method is, and give you the full Sure Jell drug test instructions you’ll need.

I’m also going to answer the key question: does Certo work to pass a drug test, and explain what the scientific basis that it could work is. I’ll also tell you how likely you are to pass using it. I will also talk about my experiences testing using this method and what happened when my friends used it.

Plus, I’m going to cover a couple of other ways that you can pass a drug test as well that may give you more certainty on passing.

What Is The Sure Jell/Certo Method?

Sure Jell is a brand of fruit pectin. Certo is another brand of fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is a concentrated product that you mix with water to make a thick fruit base that is very rich in fiber. It’s mostly used in home cooking.

Let’s talk right at the start here about whether there’s any scientific evidence that the Sure Jell drug test method could actually work.

Let me say upfront that it could only work for cannabis smokers. It couldn’t work for other types of drug users, and here’s why.

Fruit pectin is high in fiber, and when it’s ingested it creates lots of bile which helps to transport the fiber out through the bowel.

Cannabis metabolites are a different shape to most other types of drug metabolites, and these waste products attach to cells in the body more readily. Unlike most drugs where the metabolites almost universally exit through urine, 60% of cannabis metabolites attach to bile and fat, and are transported out through the bowels.

So simply by increasing the rate at which your body is moving stuff out through the bowels, and creating bile to transport it to the use of fruit pectin, you are increasing the amount of cannabis metabolites that can exit the body in a short space of time. So scientifically, there is evidence it can help to speed up the elimination of drug toxins.

Sure Jell Drug Test Instructions

Let’s now talk you through the Sure Jell instructions you’ll need to use:

1. You’ll need to get yourself two packets of Sure Jell, Certo, or another type of fruit pectin. You’ll also need to get your hands on some Gatorade or Lucozade (I think it’s the sugar content and bubbles which help), but Certo and Gatorade are the most popular. You will also need some creatine monohydrate and a couple of multivitamin pills.

2. The night before your drug test mix up the first pack of Certo/Sure Jell with a bottle of the Gatorade. Drink it down over about 15 minutes, and then drink another 8 fluid ounces of water. Make sure you urinate couple of times before you go to bed. I’ll warn you now, it won’t taste great, which is why you’ll need Gatorade or similar to sweeten it up (although you could use sugar and water).

3. Two hours before your test mix up the second pack of Sure Jell with the second bottle Gatorade. Also mix in a teaspoon of the creatine monohydrate. Drink it down over 15 minutes, and take the two multivitamins with it. Then drink another 8 fluid ounces of water.

4. Over the next hour try and urinate three times at least. Then go and submit your sample.

Does Certo Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Does Certo work to pass a drug test? That’s the big question I have to answer here.

Mostly, the answer is no. It will only work for cannabis metabolites, and it is very inefficient. Only 60% of them at a maximum can ever get taken out through the bowels. That doesn’t really address the problem of the other 40%.

Yes, you can flush them out through the bladder using the liquid. Yes, the creatine and the multivitamins will go some way to balance in your urine and making it appear natural color as well.

But all that is not the same as a professional quality detox drink which can draw out more toxins, and is perfectly balanced to flood your body with nutrients, so that a good balance of all the things found in urine are passed through as waste and appear in your urine.

For a lot of people, you won’t get rid of all the metabolites, and even if you do, your sample will be flagged as potentially adulterated.

I’ve known people who have passed using the Certo method. But I’ve also known someone who’s failed using it. My best friend passed a couple of years back, but he admitted he hadn’t smoked much in the week leading up to the test. So he might have got lucky.

To make the Sure Jell drug test method work, your best bet is to try and do a natural detox for as long before your test as possible. Two days as a minimum. That will allow your body to get rid of more toxins, and it will leave less work for the Certo to do.

But my conclusion here is that Certo for drug test use is not ideal. It’s a last resort, it’s a gamble, and when there are professional grade products out there which do a far better job, that can be easily ordered online and delivered in a couple of days, it just seems to be a ridiculous gamble to me.

Do Any Home Remedies Work For Drug Testing?

The Sure Jell method is a home remedy. This is a generic term for any attempt to pass a drug test that involves using household products to flush out the toxins.

The truth is that the Certo and Gatorade method is the best of the bunch. But even that method probably only has a success rate equal to tossing a coin and calling heads. Basically, 50-50.

No other home remedy has any scientific basis in fact for passing drug tests. Cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, baking powder, it’s all nonsense. Please do not rely on home remedies to pass your drug test. It just makes no sense when there are far better options out there. Let’s talk you through them right now.

How To Pass A Drug Test: Method #1 Detox Drink

The best alternative to the Certo/Sure Jell drug test method is to just buy a good quality detox drink.

The brands I’d recommend are Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse, and Mega Clean (but only if you can get Mega clean bundled with six pre-rid pills to increase its efficiency).

It’s the same principle as the Certo method. Try and do a detox for a day or two before your test, and then a couple of hours before you have your test, drink it and then urinate frequently.

The difference is that a detox drink is professionally balanced to flush out the toxins, draw more toxins out, and flood the body with things found in urine. Your sample will still appear balanced and natural in a way that you simply can’t by “winging it” with a home remedy.

My bonus tip is to always make sure you buy a cheap home drug test kit at the same time. Just before you leave, do the home drug test kit so you can see if you are clean. If you’re not, you will need a plan B.

How To Pass A Drug Test: Method #2 Synthetic Urine

Method #2 for passing a drug test, and definitely the safest way of passing if you get it right is to use fake urine.

All you need to do is prepare the sample and head to the testing location. You’ll then smuggle it in, and submit it. All you have to do is ensure that it is within the correct temperature range using a supplied heatpad or heat activator powder.

Obviously if you’re facing a supervised drug test you can’t use fake urine. However, you’ll know in advance of it’s supervised. If it’s unsupervised they cannot directly observe you, which means 99% of the time you’re behind a screen or not even in the same room.

I’m going to recommend Sub Solution. It’s expensive at $80, but you get wonderful heat activator powder with it, which means you don’t even have to worry about a heatpad failing you.

You simply prepare the fake sample and then transport it. Just before you go in, tap in a little of the heat activator powder and agitate it. Keep doing this in small amounts until you get a reading on the temperature strip of close to 100°F, but not over. You then go in and submit your sample.

Because Sub Solution is so complex in formula, it closely mimics human urine to the point where it’s almost undetectable unless you face a very high level of scrutiny.

So, there you go, either of those professional products, fake urine or detox drinks, is worth the investment as far as I’m concerned. I’ve passed drug test using both, and I have friends who have as well.

The Certo method is a huge gamble. Using Sure Jell for drug tests, or any home remedy, is really not recommended unless you are absolutely desperate or penniless.