Toxin Rid Detox Review: Does Toxin Rid Really Work And Get You Clean?

Toxin Rid reviews are often very vocal about the potency of this detox pill, but what’s the truth?

So what I’ve done here is put together everything you need to know about using Toxin Rid in one easy-to-read guide that tells you the truth. I’m going to focus on the Toxin Rid 5 five day detox & Toxin Rid 10 day courses, but what I’m going to tell you applies to any length of the course.

I’ll explain how to choose the course length you need, give you full instructions for using it, and tell you where genuine Toxin Rid pills can be bought from.

How Detox Pills Like Toxin Rid Work

Let’s start in a way that other Toxin Rid reviews don’t by telling you the honest truth about this detox pill. The truth is that it’s not a miracle pill. It’s not going to get you clean without any other effort on your part.

You’re going to have to do a natural detox. Don’t worry, I’m going to talk you through how to you that in a moment when I give you the full instructions for using Toxin Rid 5-10 Day detox.

The bottom line is you simply cannot carry on taking drugs and get clean, nor can you expect to just abstain for a couple of days and take Toxin Rid in order for the toxins to magically fall out of your body. That’s not going to happen.

If you’re a heavy user then drug toxins can take several weeks to work their way out of your system. Even worse, a daily weed smoker could take up to 3 months to get clean. That’s because cannabis metabolites attach to cells in the body more readily than other types of drug metabolites.

How long will it take to get clean? Well, unfortunately, nobody can answer that.

However, Toxin Rid should at least speed up the elimination of toxins by way more than 50%, and even me as a heavy daily weed smoker got clean in eight days. That’s incredible compared to a couple of months it would have taken me to try to get clean naturally.

Why Toxin Rid Is A Superior Detox Pill

Quite simply, Toxin Rid is superior because of the ingredients in it, which are designed to speed up the pushing of toxins out of your body.

You can buy cheap detox pills pretty much anywhere. Walgreens, Walmart, eBay, all over the place. They only cost around $30-$50 and are billed as detox pills to get you clean quickly.

However, that’s not talking about drug metabolites. What those pills are designed for is to speed up the removal of general toxins (free radicals) from your body at a faster rate than you can naturally alongside a natural detox over several weeks, or as an ongoing supplement over many months.

For me, Toxin Rid is almost unique in composition and the way it works is like a sledgehammer compared to other detox pills which are so cheap and poorly constructed.

I’m not going to explain all the ingredients here because it would take all day. However, they are designed to flood your body with nutrients, alongside other ingredients which help to flush things out of your body faster than you can naturally. Put together, this creates a supercharged passage that gets your body pushing out far more toxins in it can naturally.

A word of warning here though. For the first few days you use Toxin Rid you’ll need to be near a toilet. You’ll find that you visit the toilet to urinate and pass stools far more frequently, and you’ll be shocked at the color of what’s coming out as well. These things really work.

Which Toxin Rid Course Length Do I Need?

Some people get confused about the myriad of Toxin Rid course lengths. You can get a single day course of Toxin Rid, always through to the full Toxin Rid 10 day course.

On top of that, you can buy additional days as well. But how do you know how long it’s going to take you to get clean? The truth is, you simply aren’t.

All you can do is look at your intake. Let me put it into rough brackets so you can see what I mean:

  • Light toxin exposure (smoking a joint every couple of days, something like that) 1-3 day course
  • Medium toxin exposure (smoking a joint or taking something else most days) 4-6 day course
  • Heavy toxin exposure (daily weed smoker or user) 7-10 day Toxin Rid course

Light toxin exposure really should be using a three-day course a higher. The single-day course, even the two-day course, is really designed as a pre-rid to get rid of more toxins before you use a detox drink on the day of your drug test.

For me, if you think you’re a medium-level user, I’d go for the Toxin Rid 5-Day detox, or maybe even the seven day course.

For heavy toxin exposure, I’d honestly go for the full 10-day Toxin Rid detox course. That way you know that unless something really goes wrong, you’re 99% certain to push out all the toxins before the day of your test.

Toxin Rid Instructions (For The 10 Day Detox)

Let’s say you’ve got a drug test in two weeks, you’re a daily weed smoker so you choose the full 10 day Toxin Rid course to ensure that you get clean. These are the instructions you need to follow:

1. On day one through day 10, for the first five hours of the day that you are awake, you’ll take three pills per hour with 8 oz of water. The pills are big, so you may struggle if you have a problem with the pills. Some people actually break them in half and drink them down quickly as they aren’t very dusty. For the rest of each day you’ll live a healthy natural detox lifestyle, drink plenty of water, urinate frequently, eat fibrous and healthy foods, exercise, and sweat.

2. On day 10, do not eat for two hours after you’ve taken the last pills. Then mix up half of the detox liquid with 16 fluid ounces of orange juice. You’ll want to drink this down quick as it tastes horribly salty and not very nice. Wait two hours, then mix up and consume the second half of the liquid. Don’t eat or drink anything else during those two hours, and only drink a little water in the two hours after you finish this process. Urinate as frequently as you can.

3. The last step is the dietary fiber, which Toxin Rid say is optional, but I’d still do it as part of the process. The dietary fiber is good if you’re a weed smoker because it can help to draw out any remaining cannabis metabolites more readily through the bowel. Mix it up with water, and drink it down rapidly. Don’t leave it, because it turns glutinous, you’ve got about three minutes before it gets thick. I do this on the day after the detox liquid and hope it coincides with your drug test occurring a day or two after.

4. The last step is optional. Make sure you have a home drug test kit and a detox drink handy. Two hours before you leave for your test, which hopefully you’ve timed to be within a couple of days after you finish the Toxin Rid course, do the home drug test kit. You should test negative. If you test positive, use the detox drink to mask any remaining toxins, of which there should be very few after a full Toxin Rid detox.

Toxin Rid Reviews Online: Does Toxin Rid Work For Everyone?

My experience with Toxin Rid was superb. I was clean in eight days. I knew this because I bought several cheap home drug test kits and tested myself from day seven onwards. I also kept one for the day of my test, and had a detox drink ready but I didn’t need it.

But was my experience typical? I got clean, and I passed a drug test for a job I really wanted.

I have to say that most Toxin Rid reviews out there are favorable. That’s the formal ones like this. But what about user reviews?

Looking online, you’ll also get a slightly more mixed message. Some people are just dumb and mess things up, while other people obviously did not get a long enough course length for the amount of toxins in their body. Perhaps they weren’t honest with themselves about that.

But overwhelmingly, Toxin Rid appears to work for most people. As long as you get a long enough course length, ruthlessly follow the natural detox, and have a plan B on the day of your test of a drug test kit and detox drink, then I’m telling you that it’s a pretty much 100% chance to pass.

Does Toxin Rid work? If you do what I’ve told you here, undoubtedly.

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Where To Buy Toxin Rid & Home Drug Test Kits

So let’s finish this Toxin Rid detox review by telling you where to buy it.

My first bit of buying advice is don’t try looking for it on big websites. This is a specialist product. There’s no Toxin Rid Walmart option, you can’t get it at Walgreens, and I wouldn’t buy it on Amazon or eBay because they are mostly fakes.

The best place to buy it from is TestClear. The full 10 day detox cost $189.95, while the Toxin Rid 5 Day detox comes in at $109.95. With your course you’ll get a free home drug test kit bundled in (make sure you select it on the product page as it’s optional).

You’ll also get the option on the product page to buy additional home drug test kits for a very good price. I’d always make sure you buy a couple of extra ones so you can test every day or two towards the end of the course to see how you are progressing.

You may also want to buy a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, or Mega Clean, to ensure that if you don’t test clean on the day of your test, then the few remaining toxins can be masked for a few hours easily by a high-quality detox drink.